Day 1 – Getting to Chile and Santiago

Well that’s the long leg done. If you can call arriving before you leave thanks to the international date line a long leg.
I am sure I spent 19 and a half hours travelling from house to Santiago hotel, but the clock and calendar here obviously can’t lie. So off for a walk I go. A couple of Iglesias and Palacios later ended up at the Chilean Museum of pre Columbian art, and a fine museum it is. Except Walter was caught trying to make a getaway.
Anyway little bit tired now as my Melbourne watch tells me it’s been 30 hours since I left with only a short nap on board. The 3 hours sleep the night before due to packing is not helping. Had a spot of narcolepsy happen while standing up today so Buenos noches todos.
Tomorrow another 3 hour flight and Patagonia awaits

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