Calafate to Ushuaia the end of the Earth, Fin de Mundo

A morning walk in Calafate to take photos of flamingos was not my aim when I came to Argentina, but they are here and so I was left with no choice. I walked down the hill from Hosteria La Esteppa, which by the way has beds more comfortable than my own at home, to the Lago Argentino where I saw a handful of the pink, long legged birds.

I crossed the road and suddenly found myself accompanied by the 2 dogs form the Hosteria. I love dogs, but while I am trying to take pictures of birds? Maybe not. One of the dogs was a black Newfoundland. Never really did see his eyes. He wasn’t as fond of water as his mate was who looked a bit like a Kelpie Border Collie sort of. They accompanied me for my entire 3 km walk and probably would have followed me into town. I did not do this because of them and the resident strays. The black fellow was good company and stuck by my side mostly, whereas the other one kept on looking for stuff weather on land or in water. The only benefit of that and the shallow water was I got a picture of some flying Flamingos.

Then it was time to catch a taxi and a plane to head south a few more degrees to Ushuaia where I was greeted by a typical summer’s day of some cloud and a balmy 15 degrees.



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