From the end of the Earth further on

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go, I’m standing here beside the door
Cause I’m leaving on a boat, I know when I’ll be back again – Sorry about that, felt paraphrasing John Denver

Had the morning free for another random amble. Was heading for the Martial glacier north of Ushuaia in the hills when I got side tracked into following a marked track that headed east. Was wonderful just walking among the Lenga (Beech) forest, which was very reminiscent of walking in Tasmania, boggy tracks and all. Took a couple of shortcuts to get back to the road. No idea where I went really due to lack of a map.The dust on my boots is well and truly gone. Had to have a quick at the bottom station of the chairlift to the top, which unfortunately was not running. It would be about another 3 hour return trip to the glacier itself and I could see low cloud at the top. Along with the earlier rain I decided just to go up to the second station for a look and photos of course and head back to Ushuaia for the 3.30 departure time.

Ushuaia is interesting as it is surrounded by Mountains and itself is quite hilly. Buildings have therefore tended to go up instead of out and it is quite easy to walk around as it is quite compact. I have noticed there are actually cleaners that go around with little trolleys, broom and shovel to clean up the streets in the morning. Unfortunately the graffiti on the walls in certain areas is harder to deal with I guess. This surprised me seeing this here. Another surprise is the music I hear being played here. Along with some traditional Spanish influenced and Tango style music (we are in Argentina, land of the Tango), you here lots of Abba, Pink Floyd, Dylan etc.

Anyway, time to get a wriggle on, we will see how future posts go due to the uncertainty of internet access and quality.



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