On route to Antarctica across the Drake passage

Well we’ve been on our way for close to 20 hours now just skirting around a hurricane force storm in the Southern Ocean and riding along in 6 to 8 meter swells. Woohoo, never been on a rollercoaster before. From the cabin window can see alternatingly water then sky. Food here is good and, yes, I am still eating. There is actually sun out but the air temperature is well below 10 degrees not taking account any wind-chill.

We have done the lifeboat drill where we had a chance to sit inside the fully enclosed lifeboats that hold up to 51 people including supplies and they have a motor. Listened to our first lecture on Penguins, and I must admit I did catch up on some sleep then. Room was dark and warm, rocking of the ship, I was gone for a bit. Now we have just been called to attend a mandatory bio security briefing with our gear that we intend to take with us for any landings in the Zodiacs to get it vacuumed to prevent any foreign contamination.

Over and out. Internet is slow and expensive, had to drop the resolution of the photos and reduce numbers. Sorry.



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