A day in Munich

A day with a chauffeur meant I could look out the window at other things apart from the road ahead. Bit of a walk around Fuerstenfeldbruck, then off to visit the Jagdmuseum (Hunt Museum) in Munich itself.

This was a lot more than just a museum about hunting. It included displays about animal habitats including fishes, as fishing is a form of hunting. The displays of hunting weapons, including aristocratic weapons, ranging from crossbows and various types of firearms was outstanding. The intricacies of the inlay work and engraving on the 18th century items just wouldn’t or couldn’t be done in this mass produced era.

I also enjoyed the trophy displays ranging from huge 18 ended antlers to a 12kg trout and everything in between. There were also mounted skeletons of the 10,000 year old extinct cave bears and giant deer with antlers 3 meters wide.

After that a quick look inside the renowned Frauenkirche with its baroque styling. This made it seem a lot brighter inside. It was less ornate than some of the other churches I had seen, but still beautifully decorated.

After that a visit to the local Wildlife park in Poing. This had impressively large areas to house the various animals. These included Brown Bears, Lynx, Foxes, Wolves and various deer and goats, as well as a display of flying raptors like falcons and owls. It was possible to handfeed most of these with specific feed purchased on site. For obvious reasons feeding the wolves or bears was off the menu.

A farewell dinner and drinks with relatives followed. A short slideshow of my photos of the trip was forced onto my captive audience, as well as a showing of my Antarctica and Patagonia photos.



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