Planes Trains and automobiles – but not in that order

I hate early starts as much as going back home. Or leaving. Just to make it perfectly clear. Up at 5.30. A coffee prepared by Cousin Peter accompanied by a piece of bread was breakfast, and off to the train station.

The good with leaving by train is that once you finish waiting for it, the boarding and farewell is over in seconds. So a quick goodbye to Auntie Gerti, Uncle Herman and Peter and off.

Two and a half hours and one train change later I arrived in Frankfurt. Hop onto the Skyline Monorail (yes Melbourne, another airport with a railway) to get to the departure terminal, followed by luggage check-in and some more waiting in the lounge.

The overnight flight was uneventful. Moscow was not visible due to cloud and the vast desert regions of China’s Xinjiang were crossed in the dark, to arrive at dawn in Hong Kong. A few more hours in the lounge accompanied by a generous G&T and the final leg back to Melbourne and winter again



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