Towns and Castles

The morning after was relaxed with a traditional German breakfast of fresh rolls, cheese and cold sausage. This was followed more or less immediately after by an equally relaxed lunch at the Schwäbisch Gmünd Market square just outside the 900 year old Johannis Church. Yes there did seem to be a focus on food. And yes there was beer with lunch.

After my cousin Peter and I went to walk some of it off by walking up to the Hohenrechberg Church and the nearby ruined castle. The church was a simple country church in a baroque style. The 800 year old castle was in use until the early 18 hundreds until it burned down after a lightning strike, and was still in possession by the von Rechberg family until 1986. Some of it has been restored, some of it in the throes of restoration. As a lot of it is constructed of sandstone, which does not exist on the hill it is built on, it would have been a massive job over the years to build and extend it.

On the way back we stopped past in my Cousins cute little Grünhalde property where he grows a lot of vegies. This has been in his family for close to 100 years and has a 1 room brick shed, for the want of a better word for it.

So apart from another back verandah talk and packing the suitcase to capacity, the following day would see me on the way back.



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