To Singapore

6am alarm goes off. At least it’s an hour after my normal “go to work” alarm. Frantic coffee, piece of toast, get the indoor pot plants indoors after their outdoors holiday during summer.

Autumn is drawing to a close and the maximum temperature over the next week is forecast to be 15 Celsius, don’t ask about the minimum. The Audi Q7 with it’s chauffeur arrives just after 7. Glynis Google says turn right and we head towards the airport via Yarra Glen and Christmas Hills. Scenic, And apparently quicker than the Monash Car Park.

Check in via Qantas First (amazing what can happen with points and upgrades). Quick and easy. Through the passport and security check to Duty Free (I’ll pick up those two bottles on my return) and on to the Qantas first lounge. Luxury – hard to pronounce that with a Monty Python accent in writing.

After some pampering and a tasty breakfast it was on to the point end of the Qantas A380 and towards Singapore. Smooth, hardly felt the takeoff.

I could describe all the Neil Perry menu items in detail, but I’ll stop at the entree of Ocean trout Tataki with Soy, Jalapeno. Cucumber and Finger lime caviar. Umami mouth filling softness with a crunch of cucumber and Jalapeno adding slight bitter all balanced with the sweet saltiness of the soy and sour of the finger lime.

Between the food, the drinks, watching 3 movies in comfort and some reading the hours just flew. Customs and baggage pick up a breeze, and the taxi whisked me towards my hotel in no time.

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