PhotoSouth is heading North

It was a long evening doing the last minute packing. Yeah, alright, should have started earlier. But now being up to plan G, I was getting everything else ready. Home, horses etc.

The car that was supposed to pick me up just after midnight arrived 45 minutes late. Lots of pacing was done. But with no traffic on the roads it was only 1 1/4 hours to the airport. Easy.

Breezed through check-in and spent some quality time in the Emirates lounge with some bubbly.

Noice 🙂

Boarded, got shown to my suite. Dom Perignon 2012.

Noicer 🍾

After take-off, change into PJs, a few hours sleep, then more alternative reality. A quick shower breakfast consisting of caviar and accoutrements, followed by traditional Arabic mezze. All accompanied by more bubbly.

Next stop lunch on the way to Oslo via Dubai

#norway #iceland #arctic #emirates

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