To Geiranger fjord and Ålesund 

First night on a mostly gently rocking boat. Playing cabin tetris with our luggage and slowly getting used to a slower rhythm of Life that is forced on you by an onboard life. Could be worse, a lot worse.

The rain had eased and the clouds and haze were gradually lifting as we cruised towards and up towards the Geiranger fjord. A large cruise ship was anchored near the start of the Geiranger, but us being on a smaller ship (5200 vs 460 passengers) were able to cruise right up to the Geiranger township at the end of the fjord to drop of a load of excursionists who were taking an overland route to re-join us later.

The steep sided fjords were, and are, spectacular. One must admire the people who settled and built lives on some of the less steep areas. Nothing flat around here. Or no roads that I’m aware of back then. Just waterfalls, conifer forests, snow and ice in winter, and probably dragons.

Back down and up for quick 15 minute stop in Ålesund. Mostly all of the timber buildings in the town center burnt down in 1904. But it then was rebuilt in Art Nouveau style after. And a good thing it was.

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