Into the Arctic

Overcast skies and drizzle greets the new day. A geographically significant day where we crossed into the true arctic above the arctic circle at about 7.55 in the morning. But nothing really changed.

Arriving in Bodo, which features an Airforce prescence, we enjoy a guided walk along the coastline. The trees are getting smaller, but with a temperature of 17 degrees on the day it is pleasant walking even with a buffeting breeze. In winter it would be a different story.

Then onto Stamsund to disembark for a Viking experience. Whilst some may not have been authentic I guess, it was enjoyable. The size of the reconstruction of a Viking longhouse was impressive, larger than expected. As is the legend of the Vikings. The stories of their raiding and exploration has been written into history, but was not the mainstay of their lives.

And their helmets did not have horns. That invention is being blamed on Richard Wagner and his work Der Ring des Nibelungen. And then there was the midnight excursion to the 80 meter wide (narrow) Trollfjord. Spectacular with jumping fish and jellyfish in the waters and the nearby steep rock walls of the fjord. But I suggest daytime would be better.

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