Hoenigsvag to Nordkapp

The Arctic tundra on the way to Nordkapp from Hoeningsvag is stark, but beautiful in its own way. And the reindeer seem to be happy.

The only thing that makes the Nordkapp different is its geographical location in the far north. Not quite the furthest north in Norway, but that is where the visitor center was built. Probably a better view. Certainly seems to work well for the Nato radar installations.

On to Kjollefjord and a cosy 19 degrees thanks to the Gulf stream and head to a Sami camp. Well some smaller houses and a larger version of the traditional turn house, along with a friendly little orphan reindeer. The Sami people were treated the same as many other first nation people, where native traditions and language were forbidden by invading civilisations.

That is now slowly changing for the 75,000 odd thousand Sami with the establishment of the first Sami parliament in 1989 and their languages being taught in school.

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