To Iceland and Reykjavic

A relatively casual start, followed by 3 hour flight that was delayed made for a fairly late arrival in Reykjavik. Just early enough to get our bearings really. But an informative and enjoyable time was had the day after, walking around the city looking at its few sights such as the Hallgrimskirkja church and the National Museum. This chronicled the history of this small nation of 103,000 square kilometres and 375,000 people, starting with the Vikings in the late 9th century.

Later Leifur Erikson passed through and ended up in Greenland and then North America about 500 years before Christopher Columbus. Not much remains from that era.

And then came the night. It was clear, calm and cool. Iceland is fairly north, although below the Arctic Circle, and it has a reputation as a god spot to see the Aurora Borealis, the northern lights.

Reykjavik lived up to this and gave us a brief show around midnight. Misty green veils of light were dancing across the sky. Mesmerising and a fitting farewell to the largest city in Iceland.

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