The Iceland East Coast

Up and over a barren range gets you to the East coast. Fjord after fjord with small towns, fish farms, rock formations, and, yes you guessed it, tourists. Iceland got over 700,000 tourists in 2021 with numbers increasing rapidly.

Following the fingery coastal outline down, you get logically to the south west of Iceland. The Vatnajokull, which covers 17% of Iceland, sends a few fingers of its own towards the coast here. In a few places pieces of ice wash back up on shore, starkly on contrast to the black sands. Like at Jokullsarlon, justifiably called Diamond Beach.

There are also canyons carved through the rocky terrain such as Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon. Once again spectacular with its moss covered, sculpted, rock walls and the river at its base.

Did I mention the Icelandic alphabet yet? 36 letters and no Z since 1973. This includes a couple of speciality letters and a few with accents and umlauts.

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  1. I really enjoyed being able to see these photos again. It was a treat to have you describe your exciting trip in person, using your photo gallery in the books. Your photography captures the uniqueness of your experience. Thanks

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