The last stop on the journey, a late arrival in Singapore and my hotel in the Chinatown district. An opportunity to roam the streets without the tourists. Without any of its near 6 million inhabitants.

The lights are on, but nobody at home in the streets. Even the bars and restaurants shut shop around 10pm. Surprising and disappointing. I was hoping for a snack and a refreshing beverage, not necessarily in that order. But the photo opportunities were there. In the morning the rain was doing its best to add to the steamy atmosphere.

I was forced to have 2 breakfasts at the nearby, hustling Hawker market. Many years ago, before World War II, the Singapore government decided to regulate and centralise the many food hawkers in the streets. thereby preserving and creating a diverse food culture. This was recognised with a UNESCO cultural heritage listing in December 2020.

You can find everything there from Halal to Chinese and the cheapest Michelin starred food in the world. How to find the best food with so many options? Look for the queues.

If you like the outdoors and waterfalls, look no further than Changi airport. At 40 meters tall the tallest indoor waterfall in the world.

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